MOST Forum, Stuttgart/Esslingen, Germany, April 19th 2016

19 Apr 2016
19 Apr 2016
The organisers of the MOST Forum meeting for 2016 have notified the specific focus areas that will be addressed in the conference programme. Henry Muyshondt, Administrator of the MOST Cooperation says, "We again welcome professionals from the automotive electronics industry and academics to attend this international platform for exchange and networking."

Conference presentations will illustrate how the MOST architecture easily connects to global networking standards such as CI Plus and the open-source platform Linux. Another focus will be on the new coaxial physical layer. Muyshondt comments, "MOST has made its way around the globe and it is now implemented in over 195 car models worldwide."


After opening the conference and welcoming the attendees, Henry Muyshondt will guide the programme. Microchip Technology and Ruetz System Solutions will introduce various aspects of the coaxial physical layer. Eurofins and K2L will introduce compliance and quality aspects. During the lunch and networking break all attendees and speakers are welcome to visit the exhibition area to learn about available MOST solutions and implementations in brand new vehicle models. Further afternoon sessions will give an outlook for the MOST Technology with presenters from Cetitec, K2L, Microchip Technology, the MOST Cooperation, and the Research Centre for Information Technology (FZI). The Linux Foundation will show how the combination of MOST and Linux provides an excellent solution for the increasing complexity of IVI and ADAS.


In the exhibition area, companies will present MOST solutions and applications. Amongst the exhibitors will be the MOST Cooperation. There will also be exhibits by Audi, Coilcraft, Hamamatsu, K2L, the Linux Foundation, Microchip Technology, Ruetz System Solutions, Telemotive, and others. The program overview is now online from the link below and is previewed on the next page.


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