1MHz bandwidth current sensor ICs offer 3600 VRMS of isolation

December 21, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Allegro MicroSystems' ACS732 and ACS733 current sensor ICs are the first 1MHz-capable offerings from the company to offer 3600 VRMS galvanic isolation ratings.

The current sensor ICs are Hall-effect-based and include user-configurable overcurrent fault detection. Provided in a small, low profile, surface-mount SOIC-16 wide-body package, the chips may be used in motor control, load detection and management, switch-mode power supplies, and overcurrent fault protection applications. The devices are fully calibrated at the Allegro factory to provide a high accuracy solution over the entire operating temperature range. The ICs have a typical resistance of 1mΩ. Applied current flowing through the package's copper conduction path generates a magnetic field that is sensed by the IC and converted to a proportional voltage. Current is sensed differentially in order to reject external common-mode fields. The current-carrying pins (pins 1 through 8) are electrically isolated from the sensor leads (pins 9 through 16). This allows the devices to be used in high-side current sensing applications without the use of high-side differential amplifiers, isolators, or other costly isolation techniques.

Allegro MicroSystems - www.allegromicro.com

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