2 Mbit EEPROM is automotive-qualified

July 23, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
STMicroelectronics has the first AEC-Q100-qualified 2 Mbit EEPROM device extending the possibilities for parameter storage and management in complex automotive modules.

ST’s M95M02 EEPROM combines large storage capacity with high cycling and data-retention performance (4 million cycles per byte, clock frequency up to 10 MHz, and 100 years guaranteed). Together, these features enable better accuracy and flexibility in ECU (Electronic Control Unit) operation. With this EEPROM, the complex control algorithms in the ECU can take advantage of fine-grained real-time monitoring of environment parameters for maximum precision.

The 2Mbit EEPROM offers an additional lockable page of 256 Bytes to safely store module tracing ability, identification numbers, or mission-critical data. The lockable page has specific access instructions to avoid interaction with the standard part of the memory array. Mission-critical data can be updated and cycled or locked into a read-only mode for more security.

ST’s M95M02-A125 EEPROMs have passed the AEC-Q100 Grade-1 reliability criteria tests and operate at 2.5V up to 125°C. They extend the ST Automotive EEPROM density range from 2k up to 2 Mbit in a single SO8N footprint package, for design flexibility. The M95M02-A125 is available in volume, priced from $1.50 (1000).

STMicroelectronics; www.st.com