20 Mbit/s TTP product line compliant to SAE AS6003 standard

June 20, 2011 // By Julien Happich
TTTech announced a high-speed 20 Mbit/s tim-triggered protocol (TTP) product line compliant to SAE AS6003 standard. The company has combined the existing and mature TTP controller with a faster RS-485 physical layer to build high-speed TTP integrated product solutions. High-speed TTP is already baselined in multiple aircraft programs entering into service in the next years.

With an advanced physical layer based on a star topology, TTP controllers support communication at 20Mbit/s and effectively fill the gap between 100 Mbit/s avionics Ethernet networks and existing avionics fieldbuses. Furthermore, TTTech has developed DO-254 middleware layer to allow easy migration from previous databuses to TTP-based systems, providing a highly modular and scalable architecture.

Due to strictly deterministic communication and data efficiency, these TTP products provide up to 5 times more bandwidth in comparison to existing solutions, says the manufacturer. Deterministic TTP (SAE AS6003) networks are designed for safety-critical by-wire applications in more electric aircraft, and offer strictly deterministic communication with low-jitter and fixed latency.

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