2.7-kW standard liquid cooled converter is ideal for electric or hybrid vehicles

September 13, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
TDI has introduced 2.7 kW liquid cooled converter which is an environmentally sealed power module designed for use in electric or hybrid vehicles.

The converter provides an isolated interface between a 400 V DC bus and a traditional 12 V electrical system.

The LiquaCore heart of the system has an outstanding history. Electro-Magnetic  and Environmental qualification tests have shown that integrated  LiquaCore solutions meet an array of  vehicle requirements.

The converter, which offers IP67 and IP6k9k environmental protection, features a 180-450 VDC input voltage range as well as a 10 – 15 VDC output voltage range.

The unit has a high efficiency of up to 94% and features a CAN bus interface.

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