2G module ready for eCall and ERA Glonass

January 03, 2012 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
SIMCom Wireless Solutions has successfully concluded tests of it's GSM module for eCall and ERA Glonass readiness on Russia's real network. eCall and ERA Glonass are EU and Russian initiatives to capitalize on GSM and GPS technologies for vehicle emergency response service.

The projects are independently led by the European Commission and the Russian government to provide rapid assistance to motorists in case a collision happens anywhere in the European Union and Russia. eCall and ERA Glonass are planned for initial implementation after 2013, and is backed up by numerous car, truck and bus manufacturers and the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA).

The core functionality of eCall and ERA Glonass requires an embedded computer that continuously monitors crash sensors and a GPS receiver in order to initiate an automated data and voice call via a dedicated GSM modem in case an emergency occurs. A key requirement for eCall is that both data and the voice call must utilize the same physical voice channel because SMS and GPRS do not provide the necessary service priority or availability.

"We have implemented a comprehensive in-band modem test case on the real trial-network in Russia," said Jeffery Song, Technical support Director at SIMCom. "The extremely positive results of the tests validated SIMCom's in-band modem capabilities and it fully meets the standards requirements, and it has convinced our customers that SIMCom is completely ready to help them win more business opportunities."

For further information: www.sim.com/wm.