4-channel CAN bus router is freely programmable

July 30, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Up to now, PEAK System's PCAN-Router Pro, a 4-channel router for the CAN bus, could only be operated with the provided standard firmware and be configured through Windows software. With the now released development package, users can develop their own firmware in C and C++.

The package contains a selection of programming examples which serve as starting points for development. The library for accessing the device's resources as well as the Yagarto GNU ARM toolchain form the development environment. Using the Windows software PCAN-Flash, Once completed the firmware is transferred to the PCAN-Router Pro via CAN by means of the PCAN-Flash software running under Windows.

All new devices starting from serial number 100 are programmable. Customers can download the development package from the PEAK-System website for free.

Together with the release of the development package for the PCAN-Router Pro, the tool chains for the PCAN-Router and PCAN-RS-232 products were also shifted to Yagarto in order to support current development standards.

For more information visit www.peak-system.com