8-bit MCUs target space-constrained body applications

May 06, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Eight-bit microcontrollers, while on the decline from the application perspective, are not dead. The latest prove is STMicroelectronics' latest product roll-out in this segment. Members of of ST's STM8A family, they score with a sweeping feature set customised for automotive applications and high cost-effectiveness.

The new STM8AF6223 and STM8AF6226 feature an intelligent mix of connectivity, timing, and analog functions for space-constrained modules such as seat controllers, window lifters, HVAC controls or gateways. An extended temperature range qualifies the MCUs for under-the-hood applications.

Features comprise 8Kbytes on-chip Flash, 640 Bytes true data EEPROM (up to 300kcycles), 1Kbyte RAM, serial interfaces including LIN 2.1, and a 10-bit ADC. A clock security system, two watchdogs (one with independent clock), and a sophisticated memory-protection scheme ensure automotive-level dependability.

Combining the simplicity and robustness of a 5V 8-bit architecture with automotive reliability, the AEC-Q100 qualified devices operate at temperatures up to 150°C and keep running down to 3.0V in cranking conditions.

A choice of compact packages is available. Even the smallest, the TSSOP20, has seven ADC inputs, and six capture/compare channels. The TQFP32 adds three complementary PWM outputs for driving BLDC motors.

For more information visit STM8AF6223 or STM8AF6226