8-pin SOP packaged LED driver targets automotive interior lighting

June 09, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Integrated Silicon Solution has released the IS32LT3175, a LED driver with theatrical dimming in one small 8-pin SOP package resulting in 65% less components requiring less printed circuit board area.

The chip features low-noise, low-EMI, delivers a linear current source adjustable from 10 to 150mA into one or more LEDs. It integrates switch de-bounce and latching logic to enable the use of low cost momentary contact switch. The switch On/Off state is held during start-stop operation when voltage drops below 6V for a short period of time. The IC can be controlled remotely by the automobile's microcontroller or locally with a momentary contact switch for direct control of the LED lamp. What's more, all these advanced LED performances can be adjusted with simple resistors, eliminating the need for a microcontroller. The IS32LT3175 was stress tested for use in the harsh automotive environment with guaranteed operation from –40 to +125°C. Other features include open and short LED fault detection, thermal rollback and thermal shut down to increase system longevity and reliability.

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