AEC-Q200-qualified RF chip capacitor is aimed at automotive applications

March 27, 2013 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
AVX Corporation has introduced a series of AEC-Q200-qualified RF chip capacitors for automotive applications.

Available in 0402 and 0603 case sizes depending on capacitance values, the C0G (NP0) dielectric Automotive “U” series capacitors exhibit ultra-low ESR, high Q, and lot-to-lot uniformity that meets or exceeds the requirements of AEC Q200. Lead-free and RoHS compliant, the RF chip capacitors are ideal for use in automotive WiFi, collision avoidance, vehicle communications, and traffic alert system applications.

The company’s latest Automotive “U” series RF chip capacitors are rated for use in temperatures ranging from -55°C to +125°C and feature lead-free, plated Ni/Sn terminations. Capacitance values and tolerances for the series’ 0402 case size capacitors range from 0.2 pF to 22 pF at 1 MHz. For the 0603 case size capacitors, capacitance values and tolerances span 1.0 pF to 100 pF at 1 MHz. Automotive “U” series capacitors are also available in four working voltage values: 25 and 50 WVDC for 0402 case size capacitors and 50, 100, and 200 WVDC for 0603 case size capacitors.