Airbus D&S and Lime Microsystems plan “Robust” Galileo GNSS receiver

August 18, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Lime Microsystems and Airbus Defence and Space, with funding from Innovate UK have announced a joint development of robust GNSS products. Airbus D&S, using Lime’s Field Programmable RF (FPRF) transceiver technology, is developing a robust timing receiver that exploits signals from the new Galileo satellite navigation constellation.

Airbus Defence and Space builds satellites and space systems and is a lead supplier to the Galileo system; the project envisages a highly integrated Field Programmable RF (FPRF) solution based on Lime’s technology, plus an innovative system implementation of the kind provided by Airbus D&S to yield a high performance GNSS receiver with the potential for integration with other wireless capabilities.

Mike Turner from Airbus D&S commented that, “Lime FPRF transceiver matches our rigorous technical performance requirements”.

Ebrahim Bushehri CEO of Lime Microsystems said: “We are delighted to be working with Airbus, supporting a complimentary technology that could impact variety of applications such as wireless infrastructure”.

Lime Microsystems’ field-programmable RF transceivers are software-configurable chips that can run any mobile standard and any mobile frequency and have been used in systems such as mobile base stations and small cells, SDR platforms, indoor navigation and machine-to-machine communication systems.

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