Altium offers automotive designers a Tasking C compiler update for Renesas RH850

March 02, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
A Tasking toolset release brings support for the entire RH850 family, code generation optimisations as well as On-Chip debugging support for the Renesas E1 emulator

Release v2.2r1 of Altium’s Tasking C compiler suite for the RH850 architecture from Renesas Electronics, adds support for new RH850 microcontroller variants, code optimisation improvements, and an integrated on-chip debugger.

This release of the Tasking toolset brings support for the RH850/C1x, RH850/D1x, RH850/E1x, RH850/P1x and RH850/R1x device variants in addition to the RH850/F1x series. Altium intends to continue to add support to the toolset for future RH850 variants, including specialised solutions for new on-chip modules. Added to this release of the toolset is support for the Renesas E1 On-Chip debugging emulator, next to the Instruction Set Simulator debugger. The debugger’s graphical user interface is integrated into the Eclipse-based IDE and accessible through the debugger perspective. This brings to the developer a single coding and debugging front-end for RH850 application development, which is both comprehensive and very cost-effective compared to separate solutions.

Altium sees a requirement from automotive designers to support the Renesas RH850 microcontroller family through its Tasking VX compiler technology. The Tasking compilers have code optimisation techniques and track records in automotive applications such as powertrain, body control, and chassis control, including safety critical applications. Tasking’s multi-core support implementation was jointly developed with a leading Tier-1 supplier in the powertrain area.

New code generation optimisations have been added to this new compiler release, such as MIL linking and code compaction (reverse inlining), techniques that have proven to be highly effective in Tasking’s compilers for automotive microcontrollers. Measurements on a wide range of different application sources including powertrain applications, Altium says, show improvements up to 40% in code compactness.

The RH850 microcontroller family offers functional safety and embedded security features needed for new and advanced automotive applications. Altium supports these features and application requirements through its ISO 26262 Support Program. This includes various cost and lead-time efficient solutions to help engineers achieve certification for functional safety standards such as ISO 26262 and others. As part of the certification process a manufacturer has to assess the required level of confidence in the software tools; Altium enables this through the availability of a Compiler Qualification Kit as well as optional ISO 26262 Compiler Qualification Services.

The VX-toolset for RH850 release v2.2 is available on PC/Windows as of March 2015. Tasking’s new C compiler for the GTM (generic timing module) will be integrated into the toolset later in 2015.


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