Analog front end improves radar image

June 23, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
TI's AFE sensor technology for automotive radar applications, a quad-channel analogue front end, doubles sampling speed and reduces power more than 30%: TI positions it as the fastest and lowest power baseband receiver analogue front end (AFE) for ADAS applications.

The 4-channel AFE5401-Q1 is designed for the next generation of automotive radar applications where space constraints and increasing radar performance are driving a need for greater bandwidth, high integration and low power.

Delivering twice the sampling rate and bandwidth spectrum of existing solutions, the AFE5401-Q1 enables quick position and speed discrimination of even the fastest moving scenes. At 30% less power and 20% less board space it enables a small device for optimal in-car installation.

AFE5401-Q1 features:

  1. Intelligent detection: 4 separate channels are simultaneously monitored by the device to determine the exact direction of the incoming radar signal. This allows the automotive radar system to make smart decisions about where an object is located, if it is moving and how soon a response needs to occur.
  2. Optimised position and speed discrimination: 25-Msamples/sec-per-channel sampling speed enables automotive radar designers to implement industry-leading position and speed detection of fast-moving targets.
  3. Low power, higher performance: At 65 mW per channel, the AFE5401-Q1 provides the lowest power per receive channel and enables more radar receive channels per system without increasing power budget.
  4. Smaller size: 20% reduction in package size, compared to competing devices, plus a seamless interface to digital signal processors can result in a smaller total system form factor.

The AFE5401-Q1 evaluation module (EVM) is available today for $599. It comes with an EVM user guide and IBIS model that enables designers to evaluate AFE5401-Q1 system performance. The AFE5401-Q1 is available in a 9 x 9 mm, 64-pin QFN for $18.00 (1,000).