Argus Cyber Security, Elektrobit launch software OTA solution

October 23, 2017 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
With the connected car approaching mass proliferation, the market for software updates over-the-air (OTA) is on the upswing. The most recent product launch is the result of a joint development from Elektrobit (EB) and Argus Cyber Security.

According to the developers, the new end-to-end solution has been built to address unique automotive software update challenges. The modular solution includes is based on an on-board software client that ensures secure end-to-end communication and data storage. The update strategy is based on a specific delta technology, which means that only the parts of the software that need to be changed will be transferred. This method helps to reduce the amount of data to be transferred across the air interface; by the same token, the memory space required is reduced. The platform is designed to handle not only software updates but also to carry out campaigns and software management. To facilitate these tasks, the software offers support for a wide range of diagnostic and device management protocols.  

An intuitive monitoring deployment and management console designed for automotive scenarios helps users to save time. A roll-back mechanism allows to abort and resume failed update attempts. In addition, the software prevents update problems with its early identification of inconsistencies between current and expected vehicle configuration.

"As software complexity increases in vehicles, the necessity and frequency of OTA software updates increases. This poses greater inconvenience to drivers, as their vehicles are out of operation for the duration of these updates. The joint solution from Argus and EB is essential in managing the avalanche of code and reducing vehicle downtime," commented Roger Lanctot, director, Automotive Connected Mobility at research and consulting firm Strategy Analytics.

Argus Cyber Security:


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