Automotive connector series adds new options for engine-compartment interconnects

October 18, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Molex has expanded its MX150 wire-to-wire connector portfolio for on-engine applications; USCAR-2 Class 3 compliant panel-mount and twist-lock sealed bulkhead connectors deliver reliable mating and simplify connector assembly

Supporting low-level signal and power applications for on-engine automotive, commercial vehicles and off-road construction equipment, the Molex MX150 panel-mount and twist-lock sealed bulkhead connectors and backshells are designed to meet or exceed requirements for USCAR-2 Class 3 (-40 to +125°C) operating environments.

Automotive manufacturers are continually challenged to provide more electronics in the same amount of space, Molex says; “designed for simple, faster assembly, the compact MX150 sealed connector system delivers high performance and a reduced package size over traditional USCAR connectors.”

MX150 panel-mount connectors employ a gasket seal technology for simple, reliable mating and assembly with superior sealing and electrical performance in high-temperature, rugged automotive and non-automotive applications. Featuring integrated screw holes for mounting the connector to the case, this wire-to-wire connection system requires no curing to seal the blade connector to the case and provides flexibility in printed circuit board location and orientation. The twist-lock sealed bulkhead connectors simplify connector assembly by eliminating the need for additional fasteners. Utilising a ring-seal technology to meet or exceed industry requirements, the twist-lock latching design provides audible, tactile and visual feedback to ensure reliable mating and locking. Available with tin, gold or silver contact finishes, the MX150 all-in-one plug and receptacle housings lower applied costs by eliminating the need to handle and crimp individual wire seals.

MX150 backshells provide added protection from road debris and other contaminants. Harness wires are exposed to dust, moisture and dirt. The new backshells cover the wire harnesses and help prevent electrical issues in a vehicle. The backshells are designed to encase exposed harness wires to address engine beautification trends. The single-hinge design allows easy handling in assembly by harness manufacturers and for ease of serviceability in the field. Already meeting IP6K7 and IP6K9K sealing requirements, backshells help exceed these requirements against high pressure spray.

MX150 sealed panel-mount is available in 2-by-6, while the bulkhead connectors are available in 2-by-6, 2-by-8, 2-by-3 and 2-by-4 versions. The