Automotive dead reckoning GPS receivers enable accuracy where GPS signals are weak or non-existant

November 02, 2011 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
U-blox has released two products equipped with its industry leading Automotive Dead Reckoning (ADR) technology. Based on the company's tightly-coupled Kalman Filter algorithm, the NEO-6V GPS module and UBX-G6010-SA-DR single-chip deliver drop-in, self calibrating GPS Dead Reckoning performance for high precision vehicle navigation systems.

ADR enables highly accurate positioning in areas of weak or no GPS satellite reception such as within tunnels and park houses. The products are ideal for first-mount as well as after-market navigation systems. Automotive and standard grade versions are supported.

These two products strengthen the company's Automotive Dead Reckoning GPS receiver family to include cost-efficient, ROM-based components that connect directly to the vehicle data bus and external sensors. The result is a consistent, off-the-shelf Dead Reckoning solution that, after host initialization, self-calibrates to correct for varying driving conditions such as summer vs. winter tires or changes in tire pressure without requiring hardware or firmware customization.

Another major advantage of u-blox’ ADR is that the very same component can be used in virtually every sensor combination such as inputs from 2 front, 2 rear, or all 4 wheels. Both gyro and wheel tick operation are supported.

When GPS satellites are out of sight such as within tunnels, ADR extrapolates position based on distance and angle information provided by vehicle sensors. This results in accurate positioning even when the GPS signal is impaired or absent. ADR not only allows full coverage in indoor car parks, tunnels and underpasses but also effectively eliminates the impact of multipath effects in urban canyon environments.

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