Automotive LED controller has low EMI, fast response time

June 13, 2017 // By Julien Happich
The MAX20078 synchronous buck, high-brightness LED controller from Maxim Integrated Products is what the company claims to be the only product available which provides both fast response time and low electromagnetic interference (EMI) for exterior LED lighting and improved safety applications.

In advanced lighting applications such as matrix lighting, LED drivers and controllers have challenges when switching LEDs at high speeds which can cause overshoots and undershoots in current. These applications are not easy to design, as they require numerous LEDs located in a densely-concentrated area and EMI can be especially difficult to eliminate. The MAX20078 provides ultra-fast response times enabling smoother transient responses. While eliminating the need for external compensation components, it also offers a wide dimming ratio and features both integrated fault protection and monitoring circuitry. The chip can be programmed using switching frequencies from 100kHz up to 1MHz.

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