Automotive multi-bus gateway is PSI5 (V2.0) ready

October 18, 2011 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Silver Atena, system provider and expert for safety-relevant electronic applications, expands its configurable multi-bus gateway product line by an additional digital interface. This interface is already applicable for the sensor bus standard PSI5 in version 2.0.

The Silver Atena gateway module for FlexRay, CAN, LIN and Ethernet data bus systems offers routing functionalities in all directions (FlexRay-FlexRay, FlexRay-CAN, FlexRay-LIN, FlexRay-Ethernet, CAN-LIN, CAN-Ethernet, LIN-Ethernet) and allows signal manipulations as well as the integration of user applications. The module is available as single or double gateway. The transmission of the individual signals and messages can be influenced by the user with the help of a configuration tool.

Thanks to the upgrade by a further two-wire digital interface, the gateway is ready to meet the technical demands of PSI5 (V2.0). PSI5 connects electronic control units with sensors and actuators via a two-wire bus connection. This connection allows the current supply as well as the data transmission, which is executed in a voltage-modulated (electronic control unit to sensor) or current-modulated way (sensor to electronic control unit). The transmission rate is 125 kbit/s and the network architecture of the PSI5 is flexible: star and linear topologies are feasible, but also daisy chain operation can be performed.

For convenient configuration of the gateway, Silver Atena offers a routing editor supporting all necessary work steps such as the integration of message catalogues of FlexRay, CAN and LIN as well as the creation of individual routing tables.

To obtain a properly functioning gateway control unit using the routing tables that have been created, the tool of Silver Atena additionally supports the generation of C codes which can be adapted to customer-specific target architectures.

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