Automotive-qualified 60 and 100V MOSFETS

September 08, 2016 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Class-leading low on-resistance, automotive qualification according to AEC-Q101, and a compact form factor are the most striking characteristics of the new N-channel MOSFETs for from Toshiba. The 60V SSM3K341R and the 100V SSM3K361R are designed for use in power management, including DC-DC converter or load switch applications in vehicles.

Increased demand for power-saving LEDs has seen growth in requirements for the N-channel MOSFETs that are used as switches for LED drivers. Toshiba’s SSM3K341R and SSM3K361R small-package MOSFETS address this demand class-leading typical RDS(ON) ratings (@VGS = 4.5V) of 36mΩ and 65mΩ respectively. In addition, both devices support a maximum channel temperature of 175°C, which enables use in a wide range of automotive applications.

Both new devices reduce heat dissipation resulting from turn-on losses by approximately 65% against Toshiba previous products. The MOSFETs are housed in compact SOT-23F flat lead type packages. These reduce PCB footprint by approximately 64% compared to a conventional SOT-89 package, while maintaining a maximum level of 2.4W power dissipation.