Automotive-qualified AVR 32 features autonomous peripherals

March 07, 2011 // By Phil Ling
Atmel has recently announced the first automotive-qualified AVR UC3C family dedicated to motor control applications. It includes features suitable for brushless DC motor control, including a fast 4-channel PWM controller with 20bit precision dead-time generation and fault protection, and an embedded temperature sensor, as well as an independent peripheral event system coupled with DMA channels to allow inter-peripheral communications without the CPU.

The DMA-enabled inter-peripheral communications is said to eliminate potential jitter, guaranteeing two-cycle latency between the completion of one peripheral operating and the start of another. An IEEE 754-1985 compatible floating-point unit is also included.

Dual CAN, five LIN2.1 USARTs and five I2C-compatible interfaces provide communications for in-car networks, while embedded time-division multiplexed inter-IC sound controller (I2S), an Ethernet MAC 10/100 and USB 2.0 interfaces provide additional connectivity.