Automotive-qualified diodes enable higher power densities

January 07, 2015 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Very low forward voltages and reverse currents are the common denominator of six new diodes from Vishay. With these properties, these AEC-Q 101 qualified components help reducing power losses and improving energy efficiency in automotive applications. A further benefit is their small package (SMF / DO-219AB / eSMP), enabling designers to reduce the board space required.

One of the new components is a standard diode, two are Schottky diodes and two are hyper-fast FRED Pt diodes for applications like RF DC/DC converters, flyback diodes, and reverse polarity protection in systems such as engine control units, ABS controllers and LED lighting.

Thanks to its small footprint and low height, the SMF package requires significantly less board space than standard SMA, SMD or SMC packages. It also allows higher power densities, which in turn lowers the total costs.

The SS1FLHM3, SS1FH6HM3 and SS2FH6HM3 Schottky types feature reverse voltages of 40V and 60V as well as low forward voltages down to 0.37V at 1A and a temperature of 125°C. The SE10FJHM3 standard version is based on an oxide planar chip technology which ensures ESD compatibility according to Class H3B (> 8kV, AEC-Q101-001, Human Body Model). The hyper-fast FRED Pt types VS-1EFH02HM3/VS-2EFH02HM3 and VA-1EFU06HM3 boast extremely fast and soft recovery characteristics with recovery times down to 28 nanoseconds. Other characteristic features of these diodes are a reverse voltage of 200V and low forward voltages of 0.93 V at 1.0 A. With their planar structure and their platinum doping they offer controlled carrier live time. This ensures high overall performance, robustness and reliability.

Specified for a maximum junction temperature of 175°C in the SMF package, most of these diodes meet the requirements of the standard J-STD-020, Moisture Sensitivity Level 1 and suit for lead-free soldering processes at temperatures of up to 260°C.

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