Automotive touchscreen controllers extend glove-touch capabilities

March 23, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Cypress Semiconductor is developing its automotive offering with a capacitive touchscreen controller that delivers advanced waterproofing, glove touch and resistance to electromagnetic interference.

EMI resistance is attributed to Cypress’ AutoArmor technology. The Automotive TrueTouch CYAT8165X controllers, which target screens up to 8.5 inches, join a range that includes Cypress’ Automotive TrueTouch CYAT8168X controllers, for screens up to 15 inches.


Cypress says its AutoArmor meets car manufacturers’ most challenging electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) (CISPR 25) specifications and requirements for chip-level emissions (IEC 61967), conducted (IEC 62132) and radiated (ISO 11452) immunity. AutoArmor uses automatic frequency hopping to prevent false touches caused by EMI from other electronic systems, and it uses TX frequency spreading to reduce electromagnetic emissions.


The Automotive TrueTouch CYAT8165X controller family promises accuracy and linearity for fingers of different sizes and gloves of various materials and thicknesses, including ski gloves, and automatically switches between glove and finger tracking without requiring the drivers to switch settings. The controllers include up to 48 I/Os with a host processor interface through I ²C or SPI, which help improve touchscreen responsiveness. With Cypress’ DualSense technology to execute both self-capacitance and mutual-capacitance measurements in the same device, the family offers optimum water rejection and wet finger tracking for real-world conditions, including the presence of water droplets, condensation, or perspiration.