Automotive UI software simplifies digital dashboard design

June 09, 2016 // By Julien Happich
The Qt Company together with Pelagicore and KDAB is launching the first generation of the Qt Automotive Suite.

With experience in delivering automotive UI Software to over 20 automotive customers behind them, the three companies see an opportunity to bring innovations and efficiencies to the industry. By creating a suite of automotive specific components and tooling, the industry will realise significantly lower development costs and faster time to market. The companies have built platform elements enabling fast ramp-ups for any automotive program, letting designer use the pre-built automotive suite on the selected hardware and start their differentiating development from day one. The Qt Automotive Suite delivers a modern multi-process architecture for stunning fluid 2D and photo-realistic 3D user experiences in combination with secure cloud services. A dual licensing scheme enables car makers to develop an eco-system of innovation around their IVI offerings – from concept to production. The UI software tool runs on both Linux and QNX systems. Qt applications also build and run on desktop systems, enabling design and development teams to be productive already long before target hardware becomes widely available. The code can also be re-used for mobile companion apps, reducing development cost while providing a more consistent user experience across the board.

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