Automotive wireless ICs target in-vehicle connectivity

September 16, 2015 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Two connectivity chips from Broadcom Corporation feature the latest in 5G Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart technology to enable car makers and tier one integrators to keep pace with the speed and growth of consumer electronics and the Internet of Things (IoT) industry.

The chips deliver high-speed connectivity within and beyond the vehicle, providing Internet, cloud applications, and entertainment content via telematics or hot spot connections. The BCM89359 is a 5G Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Smart 2X2 MIMO combo chip with Real Simultaneous Dual Band (RSDB) support, while the BCM89072 is a stand-alone tri-mode Bluetooth Smart (version 4.2) system-on-a-chip.

Designed to meet automotive industry standards, the products have been tested to AECQ100 automotive environmental stress requirements, are manufactured in TS16949 certified facilities and offer full production part approval process (PPAP) support. Optimized for seamless interaction with enhanced wireless applications and feature-rich systems like Apple CarPlay and Google Auto Link, the BCM89359 WLAN combo device is architected specifically for multi-band concurrent automotive infotainment and telematics operation. RSDB support enables simultaneous connectivity to the 5-GHz and 2.4-GHz bands, improving throughput and latency when using multiple applications.

Integrated 5G Wi-Fi technology provides the bandwidth required for multiple high-resolution in-car displays, allowing uncongested 5-GHz video to coexist concurrently with Wi-Fi Internet access and 2.4-GHz Bluetooth hands-free audio, while 2x2 MIMO technology provides the highest throughput in-car network possible for multiple user experiences. Further, a dedicated Bluetooth antenna enables concurrent operation of Bluetooth and WLAN applications and employs advanced coexistence algorithms to maximize voice quality and data access speed in simultaneous operation.

The BCM89072 tri-mode Bluetooth Smart v4.2 SoC offers Bluetooth HCI, Bluetooth embedded stack and Bluetooth Smart functional modes of operation in a monolithic, single-chip design. Integrating a Class 1 transceiver, baseband processor, ARM Cortex M3 and application memory on a single die allows the replacement of function-specific devices with a single device that offers all Bluetooth modes of operation.