Autosar reference integration already contains future features

September 24, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
For a reference integration of BMW's “BAC4 Release 2” Autosar Core, software vendor Vector Informatik provides its Autosar basic software implementation 'Microsar' to BMW. It already contains the new functions to be released in Autosar release 4.2.1, due in autumn 2014. The focus is on internal vehicle communications over CAN, FlexRay and Ethernet and related new concepts.

Carmakers like, in this case, BMW, and their ECU suppliers benefit from the new release through shorter development times due to reduced integration and testing needs.

In release 4.2.1, Autosar introduces the so called transformers for the SOME/IP protocol and end-to-end protection. Transformers are implemented as a plug-in in the runtime environment (RTE), and they serialize the data stream. These concepts are already contained in Microsar. To assure correct system behavior, the so-called BAC4 release 2 components will be supplemental provided as Autosar software components. BMW integrates them in a reference system and tests them with the Microsar stack.

The Ethernet configuration now utilizes the data formats of the Autosar standard. Vector's DaVinci Configurator Pro configuration tool was extended for this purpose. The tool also supports integration of the BAC4 Release 2 components and use cases defined by BMW. This ensures that the ECUs show the required system behavior in early integration stages.

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