Battery charging IC configured for automotive eCall systems

January 19, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Intersil’s ISL78693 claims lowest leakage current of any comparable device, to increase eCall backup battery run-time when vehicle is off.

The IC is a 3.6V single-cell battery charger that extends the life of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries used in automotive emergency call (eCall) systems. The ISL78693 battery charger has up to 4x lower leakage current (3 µA) than comparable chargers, allowing the eCall backup battery to remain charged for a longer period of time.


The ISL78693 battery charger is designed to support emerging worldwide eCall systems such as Japan’s D-Call Net trial. Europe’s eCall initiative also brings immediate assistance to motorists involved in a collision, and both ERA-GLONASS in Russia and OnStar in the United States provide safety and ambulance call services.


The ISL78693’s battery temperature monitoring and 3.6V output voltage helps safeguard and extend the life of popular LiFePO4 batteries, with a simple-to-use design that uses five external passive components to program the full charging platform. Its 3 x 3 mm DFN package offers a very robust, small footprint design. It also offers a unique charge current thermal foldback feature that prevents overheating by automatically reducing the battery charging current to enhance reliability.


The ISL78693 battery charger in a 10-pin, 3 x 3 mm DFN package is priced at $0.99 (1000). An ISL78693EVAL1Z evaluation board is $56.


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