Bluetooth all-in one module with antenna targets automotive use

April 15, 2013 // By Julien Happich
Alps has developed the “UGZZC–G Series” Bluetooth all-in-one module with antenna for automotive use, enabling wireless connections between automotive equipment such as car audio systems and mobile devices.

Products that use Bluetooth require Bluetooth SIG certification and certification specified in radio legislation in each country. The same certification has to be obtained also for the end equipment after the Bluetooth module has been installed and with the antenna included, meaning an enormous amount of time and effort is spent on examination and testing. Having incorporated the antenna and Bluetooth protocol stack into the module, Alps is responsible for obtaining for the module not only Bluetooth certification but also certification required by radio legislation in relevant countries.

The module also has a built-in serial flash memory enabling storage of up to 3,000 phone book data entries and incorporates sorting and other functions for managing that data, thereby helping to reduce the software development workload of equipment manufacturers. ALPS' addition of a module integrating antenna, Bluetooth protocol stack and memory to its current lineup of All In One modules helps to reduce the design, testing, software development and certification burden for end equipment. The UGZZC–G Series measures 29.0x36.1x8.0mm, operates from a 3.3V supply over the -20 to +75°C temperature range.

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