BMW brings laser light to mass market in 7 series

February 05, 2016 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
After the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports car, the carmaker plans to equip its 7 series luxury sedan with laser headlights. In both cases, the laser module will be provided by Osram. The move signalises that laser light is now ready for mass markets.

As the lighting supplier for the BMW i8, Osram was involved in the development of laser light for the headlights, which have been available in this form since June 2014. This marked the worldwide premiere for this pioneering technology in automotive lighting. The new flagship limousines in the BMW 7 Series are now equipped with the same Osram laser module featuring three high-power diodes from Osram's subsidiary Opto Semiconductors.
Laser lights are said to be the next stage in automotive lighting. Thanks to its high luminance, which is significantly greater than that of any other light source available today, and the smaller space requirements of laser light, headlights can be made smaller than they are already. This opens up new ways to differentiate vehicles more strikingly through new headlight designs and increase the recognition value of the brand. The laser boost, which is added to the high beam, offers the greatest beam range currently available (up to 600 meters) and therefore better visibility for the driver and greater road safety. This combination of design and functionality means the laser has enormous potential alongside the LED, Osram believes.

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