BMW develops data goggles for drivers

December 12, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Jet fighter pilots use it - why should not car drivers do the same? According to a report from magazine auto motor sport, BMW is developing data goggles that connect to the vehicle's infotainment system.

What started with a head-up display could be continued as a piece of wearable electronics: BMW's data goggles will deliver data directly to the driver's eye. With reference to sources inside BMW, the system will provide images from the vehicle's cameras which already provide 360-degree ambient surveillance. Unlike Google Glass, the BMW data goggle is not intended to extend the functions of the navigation system or display cyberspace data to the driver. According to the report, it will be designed for in-car use only and enhance the user's possibilities inside the car. For instance, it will provide the capability to see everything around the vehicle, undisturbed by roof pillars and other constituents of the vehicle. Thus it supports the driver during turns - no pedestrians or bicycle drivers can be overlooked because they fall into the blind spot.

The data goggles could become available along with the new 7-series, speculates auto motor sport. The next generation of BMW's luxury series is said to reach new dimensions in terms of infotainment and internet access. For instance, the vehicle will blend camera images with internet-based information in real-time. It even will be able to project information to buildings, road intersections and other objects through the head-up-display, indicating the exact navigation within complex city traffic. Likewise, the HUD (and perhaps the data goggles) will display a virtual keyboard for use with the smartphone.

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