BMW, Mobileye feed HD map data to service cloud

February 21, 2017 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
BMW and Mobileye have signed an agreement introducing Mobileye’s Road Experience Management (REM) data generation technology in newly developed BMW models entering the market in 2018. The move resembles a similar announcement from Volkswagen a week ago. The common denominator in both cases is map services provider Here.

BMW said it regards the agreement to crowd-source real-time data using vehicles equipped with camera-based Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) technology as an enabler for autonomous driving through next-generation high definition (HD) maps. Nevertheless, also “normal” (non-autonomous) car drivers will benefit from the data. A BMW spokesperson said that there won’t be a direct pooling of map data with Volkswagen. However, in both cases these data will be fed to map services provider Here (which is co-owned by Volkswagen subsidiary Audi, BMW and a couple of other companies) which will enable drivers of both brands to benefit from the data services.

Actually, BMW stressed that the sensor data can be merged with data from different automakers, resulting in a larger scale of data – not only for use by Here but likewise by create Global RoadBook (GLRB), to support and update HD maps with highly accurate localization capabilities. Autonomous vehicles will require HD maps that can identify and update changes in the environment with near real-time speed enabling very short “time to reflect reality”.


The cameras that enable to collect anonymized, fleet-wide data act as intelligent agents that, through Mobileye EyeQ processors and software, can identify valuable information that is sent to the cloud in a highly compressed form (10 kilobytes per kilometer). This data can be used to add a dynamic layer to current and future navigation maps, enabling customers to access true real-time information on traffic density, potential road hazards, weather conditions, on-street parking, and other helpful information.


To support the rapid creation and updating of HD mapping, BMW and Mobileye will transfer anonymized data to mapping service Here which will use this data and information to conduct real-time updates of Here HD Live Map, Here’s real-time cloud service for partially, highly and fully automated vehicles, and enhance its Open Location Platform, ensuring an accurate depiction of the real world as it changes. Mobileye and Here