BMW showcases solar charging station for e-cars

May 08, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
With a bundle of technology measures BMW USA demonstrates the ecological possibilities of electromobility: The company has developed a solar-powered carport with charging functionality for renewable energies.

The concept study has been presented to the press in Los Angeles, California - where else could such a concept convince better that in this place where sunny skies combine with unlimited individual mobility?

The system does not only generate "green" electric power but also makes the owner autonomous with regards to electric energy. A charging converter provided by BMW and called iWallbox Pro charges the car's batteries, indicates the amount of solar energy generated and displays an evaluation of the most recent charging processes - and the percentage of solar-generated electricity used, because for rainy days the system also is connected to the public grid. If the solar panels generate more energy than the car can use the surplus energy can be fed into the owner's home grid.

To highlight the ecological note of BMW's e-car strategy, the poles that carry the glass-glass solar modules are made of bamboo - a particularly ecological, fast-growing resource.

The presentation was part of the presentation campaign for the company's futuristic i8 hybrid sports vehicle.

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