BMZ launches Service Center for e-bike batteries and drive systems

November 06, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Electric bikes and pedelecs are in high demand across Europe, and so are batteries and drive control electronics for these vehicles. Battery technology company BMZ GmbH now has responded to this high demand: The company launched a service centre for rechargeable e-bike batteries and drive systems - and it claims that the new centre is the biggest of its kind in Europe.

Covering 1300 m² of office, laboratory, workshop and spare parts storage an intitial workforce of about 50 employees, the facility offers maintenance, servicing, repair and replacement part storage for a wide variety of rechargeable battery and drive systems to manufacturers and dealers of e-bikes. “One in ten new bicycles sold in Germany is already equipped with an electric drive, and year on year some 100,000 e-bikes are added to the more than 1.5 million Pedelecs on our roads", said Sven Bauer, founder and sole shareholder of BMZ.

With the service center for e-bike batteries and drive systems BMZ, acting as an e-mobility partner for Deutsche Post, also wants to extend its position in international markets through development and production of intelligent customer-specific lithium ion batteries. The company, which currently builds around 70 million lithium cells per year into customer-specific rechargeable batteries and has its own production facilities in Germany, Poland, China and also the USA, currently employs around 1200 employees worldwide.

Not least thanks to the strong demand for electric bicycles in Europe, BMZ is aiming for a turnover of 200 million euros for the first time this year. With over 100 different e-bike battery systems developed for customers, BMZ is the European market leader in this sector and claims a market share of some 60%. Bauer indicated that he plans to expand the company's services towards one-stop services for rechargeable battery manufacturers.