Bosch builds new centre for research and advanced engineering

September 28, 2012 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Technology supplier Bosch is currently investing 310 million euros in a new research center in Renningen, a suburb of Stuttgart. The campus will assume the function of a "nerve centre of our global research network", the company said.

One of the major focal points for the new centre will be software development for the interconnection of devices and systems - not only for vehicles, but of course with cars and traffic systems being one of the most prominent application fields. Another important scenario for the work of the researchers will be the "internet of things". Bosch highlighted that this interconnection is one of the major technological and economic developments of the future. Bosch believes that this scenario will be a fertile soil for a large number of new business models which will form a network of extremely diverse services. "The Renningen campus is intended to be the incubator for the innovations that will shape the future of our company", said Bosch chairman of the board Volkmar Denner during the laying of the foundation stone. In the current year, Bosch will spend about 4.6 billion euros for R&D.

In the new centre, about 1200 engineers and scientists will work on the development of new materials methods, and technologies for systems, components and manufacturing processes.