Bosch Engineering co-develops electric sports vehicle

February 21, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
The engineering of the Quant electric sports car to be introduced at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show comes from a Bosch subsidiary - Bosch Engineering GmbH has designed the powertrain of the four-seater. The manufacturer of the Quant-e, NanoFlowCell has already generated high expectations - the company promises nothing less than a breakthrough in battery technology.

Within the scope of developing the powertrain architecture, Bosch Engineering was responsible for systems integration, energy management, and the controls for high-voltage and low-voltage components. The task also included designing the communication network for fail-safe data communications between all electronic systems.

The Bosch subsidiary contributed the Vehicle Control Unit that manages the energy budget, the antilock brakes, the cockpit instruments as well as the body computer. For these tasks, the company utilized components and systems developed by its parent company for volume production. The most important goal for the Bosch engineers was to adapt these systems to the - still somewhat mysterious - high-energy NanoFlowCell battery and to make the entire system ready for a small series production.

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