Bosch improves emission behavior for marine diesels

September 04, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Not only on streets environmental authorities enforce stricter limits for the emission of exhaust gas and particles. Also for engines in ships the rules get tighter. In order to meed future limits, Bosch has modified ist diesel injection systems for marine applications.

In the form of three different common-rail injection systems, Bosch technology is also to be found on the world's waterways and oceans. From yachts to container ships and cruise liners, they cover every marine application. This makes Bosch the only company that offers the entire range of common-rail systems – from passenger cars to commercial vehicles to large-scale diesel engines that develop more than 21 megawatts of power and that are used in locomotives, generators, and ships. To comply with tomorrow's stricter standards for pollutant emissions, Bosch is working on systems with higher injection pressures. Both the common-rail system for heavy oil and the MCRS-T marine common-rail system for conventional diesel fuel will work with a higher injection pressure of 2,200 bar in the future. This will allow better consumption values, and thus a reduction in running costs. It will also enable compliance with future emissions standards such as EPA Tier 4 (from 2015) and IMO 3 (from 2016).

MCRS modular common-rail system for container ships and cruise liners
The extremely robust common-rail system for heavy oil has been developed for marine applications such as container ships, freighters, ferries, and cruise liners. Designed as a modular system, it is suitable for engines with an output of 200 to 1,200 kilowatts per cylinder and a displacement of five to 120 liters per cylinder.

Starting from 2016, ship's engines will have to meet stricter requirements for pollutant emissions. With its common-rail system for heavy oil, which works at a maximum injection pressure of 2,200 bar, Bosch has a solution that will allow engines to comply with the IMO 3 emissions targets. Each of the injectors features a high-pressure accumulator, a safety flow limiter, and a solenoid valve that also permits multiple injections.

MCRS-T modular common-rail system for barges, small freighters, and yachts
The MCRS-T modular common-rail system has been developed for barges, small freighters, and yachts. It is used in high-speed and (with correspondingly