Bosch launches e-Scooter sharing service

August 04, 2016 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
With the start of a sharing service for electric scooters, Bosch is demonstrating how the business models of automotive suppliers are currently undergoing a massive change. Under the brand name “Coup”, the company offers a fleet of 200 e-scooters to private users.

With the sharing service, the company for the first time is acting as a player in the consumer sector. Through a smartphone app, users can find the vehicle, make a reservation, drive it and park it conveniently at any point in the city center. The scooters area product of manufacturer Gogoro who specializes in electric scooters.


In cities like Berlin, the wish of individual mobility frequently collides with the traffic reality of numerous congestions, shortage of parking space and air pollution. Sharing vehicles is widely regarded as an alternative to the classical usage model of owning a vehicle. By the same token, Bosch is developing solutions for a connected parking space management, cloud-based fleet management and app-based mobility assistances enabling multimodal usage of various means of transport. The new sharing service for electric Scooters is another building block for this strategy, said Markus Heyn, general manager of Bosch’s connected & shared mobility solutions.

For the start, Bosch provides 200 connected eScooters in the districts of Berlin Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain  and Kreuzberg through its subsidiary Coup. With a maximum speed of 45 kpmh (28 mph), the eScooters can be used by all holders of a standard driver’s license as well as with a motorbike license and an age of at least 21 years. The space under the seat accommodates a helmet and the two batteries for the vehicle. The driving range is about 100 km; charging is done by Coup itself. The lease price for the eScooter is either 3 euros for 30 minutes or 20 euros for the whole day. The central control instrument is the app, enabling users to find and identify the Scooter. The app also opens the helmet compartment and activates the electronic systems of the vehicle. For the communications between eScooter and app, the vehicle is equipped with a Bluetooth link.