Bosch, Mennekes ink EV charging infrastructure cooperation

November 25, 2011 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Bosch Software Innovations GmbH and plug manufacturer Mennekes GmbH have agrred on a cooperation in order to create a charging infrastructure for electric and hybrid electric vehicles. While Mennekes contributes its connector systems and its charging infrastructure expertise, Bosch Software will provide an open IT-based system to interconnect and control the charging stations.

The IT system will embrace logistics and administration of charging stations, vehicles and value-added services associated to electromobility, for example with respect to collaboration with fleet operators.

Mennekes has already established several hundred charging stations throughout Germany. In addition, the company is well entrenched in the business with charging plug systems for EVs and HEVs. The charging stations have the measurement and communications equipment necessary to integrate them into smart grids.

Bosch has launched in the past summer the operation of a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Singapore. This infrastructure is continuously expanded; by the end of the year it will embrace 40 stations. The company is also involved in additional projects throughout Europe.

The common denominator is Bosch Software's internet-based "eMobility Solution" platform which among other functions directs drivers to free charging stations. The software is open and flexible and thus allows the integration of future business models or value-added services. Examples would be tariff and route planning. The solution can be adapted to existing data networks and energy grids. For this reason, it enables infrastructure designers to roll out an e-mobility network within the existing infrastructure of a city.