Bosch seeks to hire thousands of engineers

March 24, 2015 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Software seems to be the new hardware for automotive and electronics giant Robert Bosch GmbH. The German giant plans to recruit 12.000 engineers, and software expertise ranks highest among the requirements.

If asked for an apt description of Robert Bosch GmbH, many certainly would characterise Germany's largest privately held company as rock solid, but a little bit boring and inflexible. This assessment might be owed to the products Bosch is most known for - electric motors, electromechanical parts for cars and industry equipment so on. But for some time, the 129-year old giant from the German state of Baden Württemberg has grown into other technology fields, and right now it seems that the company has discovered the thousands of synergies it can activate if it combines its traditional strengths with new technologies and application fields like Internet of Things and Industrial Internet, Connected Car and multimodal mobility. To unfold its traditional virtues in these new technologies, the company is currently seeking for the appropriate expertise. Worldwide it plans to recruit some 12.000 trained graduates in 2015 - mostly engineers, and preferably those with software knowledge. "The growing connectivity in all our activity segments from mobility solutions to industrial equipment makes software a decisive factor", explains Bosch Labour Director Christoph Kübel.

In terms of regional distribution, Bosch reports the highest demand for additional staff members ("associates" in the Bosch parlage) in India where it plans to hire 3.200, followed by China with 2.600 and Germany with 1.200 experts. Three out of four jobs will be occupied with an engineer.