CAN to USB interface comes in new housing with galvanic isolation

May 27, 2013 // By Julien Happich
Swedish CAN hardware specialist Kvaser AB has released an updated version of its Leaf Light CAN to USB interface. The unit features galvanic isolation and is ergonomically designed for easier hold and use.

The Leaf Light offers an easy way to connect a computer to a CAN bus network by means of the USB 2.0 compliant connector and 9-pin D-SUB connector. It provides a reliable, low cost tool for connecting any CAN network to a PC or mobile computer in applications as wide ranging as automotive, mining, marine, military, oil and gas exploration, military, industrial and heavy machinery. The Leaf Light can send up to 8000 messages per second, each time-stamped with 100 microsecond accuracy. Galvanic isolation, previously a more expensive option on Kvaser's original Leaf Light, now comes as standard on the Leaf Light v2, enhancing protection from power surges or electrical shocks.

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