CANape 13.0 improves evaluation, representation of measurement data

November 07, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
The new Version 13.0 of Vector Informatik's CANape development software for ECU calibration has features to offer like extensive printing and reporting functions as well as statistical evaluations of measurement results.

The software addresses the needs of automotive control unit developers, offering reporting functions for documenting the results of measurement data analysis and the progress of the calibration project. In the Print View, the different display and calibration windows can be quickly positioned on a page. The windows may be exported as an image file or PDF document by a simple drag & drop operation, and they can be pasted in other tools.

With the latest version, statistical evaluations simplify the analysis of complex measurement results. Statistical parameters can be computed and displayed very easily right in the display window using predefined functions. Existing functions can be individually extended at any time by the integrated CASL script language.

In functional development, it is often necessary to execute multiple bypass calculations in parallel. This is supported on the VN8900 data bus interface with integrated real-time computer. The VN8900 can also be configured as a stand-alone bypass system in CANape.

CANape 13.0 offers a comprehensive solution for successfully completing automotive Ethernet projects: From physical access via the Vector VN5610 hardware, to bus analysis in the Trace Window, including SOME/IP decoding and finally visualization of the description files.

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