In-car audio development platform applies ADI’s A2B technology

December 22, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Mentor Graphics aims to assist car-audio developers deliver an improved consumer experience, by introducing a development platform to reduce time to market for design of audio network systems based on Automotive Audio Bus (A2B) technology

Mentor’s Automotive A2B Analyzer is the first third-party development platform supporting the Automotive Audio Bus (A2B) technology developed by Analog Devices, Inc. As automotive design complexity continues to grow, OEMs and suppliers are challenged with integrating faster, more efficient technologies into the automotive architecture at lower system costs. ADI configured the Automotive Audio Bus to assist with the design of in-vehicle audio networks with reduced cost and complexity, and the A2B Analyzer aims to reduce the development time for these systems.

The A2B technology from Analog Devices is optimised to deliver superior audio quality while reducing system cost, weight, and design complexity. A2B uses a master-slave line topology to deliver audio and control data, together with clock and power over a single two-wire, unshielded twisted pair cable. The low-latency, deterministic nature of the A2B technology is suited for leading-edge in-car audio applications such as hands-free systems, speech recognition and active noise cancellation.

Mentor Automotive designed the A2B Analyzer System hardware and software solution from the ground up in close co-operation with Analog Devices. This enables complete A2B network solutions from early proof-of-concept development, network design and validation over professional tooling, to production systems with custom configurations. This system is part of the Connected OS software development platform which includes the IVI head unit, enabling a distributed speaker network for audio throughout the vehicle, and microphones for active noise control, and the A2B Analyzer System for easy set-up, configuration and functional testing: a complete cockpit development platform applying A2B technology. The system routes a high quality signal throughout the vehicle with audio, control, clock and power all provided over unshielded twisted pair cable, further reducing the cost-per-node.

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