CarMaker 3.5 expands functionality of Xpack4 HiL test system

May 10, 2011 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Hardware-in-the-Loop tests significantly help shorten development cycles of innovative driver assistance systems or powertrain concepts. IPG Automotive, a company dedicated to vehicle dynamics simulation technology, offers test system solutions, ranging from standard HIL simulators through to customized large test rigs. Through the launch of the CarMaker 3.5 software release, the company has substantially extended the functionality of its Xpack4 hardware platform.

Combined with the CarMaker open integration and testing environment in a package solution the system provides users with the benefit of optimally coordinated hard- and software. Whether it is used for functional, diagnostic and software integration tests or for communications tests of control units in the whole vehicle, the efficient, modular solutions package opens up new possibilities in virtual drive testing, the company promises.

The Xpack4 hardware platform supports maneuver- and event-based testing. Efficient test automation is capable of processing comprehensive maneuver catalogs involving numerous test variants using the IPGDriver virtual driver model with interactive maneuver control as the centerpiece. Event-based maneuver commands are executed with millisecond accuracy. While running the maneuver all signal parameters and HIL tools plus internal control unit parameters such as XCP are accessed in hard real time.

Complex, real-world drive tests are thus easily and efficiently modeled. Newest multi-core processor boards with up to 8 cores provide the required performance. Real-time simulation is supported by powerful simulation models plus an I/O connection that can be split as desired by multithreading. Simulation models from different environments can be easily integrated with the Xpack4 platform. And, since Xpack4 is based on the Compact PCI industry standard, a wide range of industry standard I/O modules and single-board computers can be used. This ensures supplier independence, maximum flexibility and scalability. In addition to standard I/O cards, specific Xpack4 modules are available, which can be combined to create customized HIL test stands in a modular fashion.

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