CFast 2.0 compatible industrial storage card

November 10, 2015 // By Julien Happich
Memory and embedded storage products provider Swissbit has introduced the F-60/F-600 CFast 2.0 compatible cards which support up to 70,000 IOPS random read/write or 525MB/s sequential read and 350MB/s sequential write.

The F-60 cards are the first in the market to feature the latest Toshiba 15nm MLC-NAND (Multi-Level Cell NAND) technology, which enables advanced performance and extended lifecycle. The F-600 series featuring Single-Level Cell (24nm SLC-NAND) is also available.

With the added advantage of Swissbit firmware, which maximizes endurance and reliability, the latest cards are suitable for hard disk drive (HDD) or CompactFlash replacement in industrial, automotive and NetCom applications. In addition, full product qualification and lifetime support provide added assurance of robust performance in the field and long-term availability.

Meeting the industry-standard CFast 36.4x42.8x3.6mm form factor, and featuring a high-speed SATA-III 6.0Gbit/s interface, the F-60 series is available in 8GB, 16GB, 30GB, 60GB, 120GB and 240GB capacities. The cards operate from a 3.3V supply, drawing active power of 1.3W and less than 15mW in device-sleep mode. Multiple built-in features enhance reliability, including global wear levelling, active and passive data-care management, lifetime enhancement, and support for enterprise-grade Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.).

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