Class-D amplifier for high-end automotive infotainment

September 01, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
NXP Semiconductors announced the TDF8599C, a new automotive stereo Class-D amplifier which targets sound systems in premium cars where high power output and efficiency are required.

The TDF8599C offers a supply voltage range up to 48V, enabling extremely high output power and the flexibility for sound designers to drive high-ohmic load speakers. Such speakers can be lighter, smaller and more cost efficient, resulting in vibrant automotive sound for the best sensory experience in the car.

With its audiophile-quality sound, the extremely robust TDF8599C Class-D amplifier is specifically designed for automotive applications. The vendor claims that its solution is energy efficient and environmentally friendly as it produces little waste heat. With 48V sound power, the amplifiers allow high supply voltages enabling designers to increase the impedance of the load speakers at high output power. High impedance of the speakers enables compact speaker design, saving weight and cable diameters.

Other features include differential inputs, fast-mode I2C bus with 15 I2C address as well as non-I2C bus mode operation, clip detect and selectable AD or BD modulation. A number of protective features makes the chip impervious to output short circuit, load dump and thermal foldback.

The device is qualified in accordance with AEC-Q100.

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