Code-test upgrade supports Green Hills' SH and TriCore optimising compilers

October 29, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Vector Software has announced further integration of its VectorCAST tools with SH- and TriCore-architectures to ensures tested and robust software

The VectorCAST tool suite now supports the SH and TriCore optimising compilers from Green Hills Software; developers can now test C and C++ applications built with the SH and TriCore compilers, and execute those tests directly on the supported processors.

The Green Hills Optimising Compilers for SH and TriCore all use a common code generator with architecture-specific optimisations. Each compiler has its own particular optimisation and instruction set characteristics. In addition, for the SH-2A architecture, Green Hills offers CodeFactor, a link-time optimisation that has been shown to reduce code size an additional 10% — reducing overall program size by identifying and removing redundant segments of code from object files. These are accommodated in the code generator to produce code best suited for the target processor.

The test-tools suite for Green Hills provides a complete, full-featured integration with the SH and TriCore compilers. This allows unit and integration test environments to be built using the same compiler environment that is used in the deployed application, including support for running tests directly on the target processor.

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