Compact PCI board has 8 CAN channels

September 29, 2016 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
In Collaboration with automotive data bus expert Peak-System, EKF GmbH (Hamm, Germany) has developed the SP-0980-MAMBO interface module for CompactPCI serial backplanes. The system is designed for applications in automotive electronics test and verification.

The SP-0980-MAMBO supports up to four PCAN-miniPCIe CAN interface plug-in modules from PEAK sSystem, resulting in up to eight CAN bus channels, accessible at the front panel. These I/Os are isolated from the remaining system as well as among each others.


In the fourth quarter, Peak-System plans to introduce an version of PCAN-miniPCIe boards that will support the new CAN FD (Flexible Date Rate). The range of new solutions will include, among other versions, a four-channel implementation. EKF then will at the same time introduce a new version of its SP4-MAMBO with 16 CAN FD channels.


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