Compact step-down regulator for industrial and automotive applications

March 07, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
The MP4561 from Monolithic Power Systems is a 55V, 1.5A, step-down, switching regulator with an integrated power MOSFET and functions at a switching frequency of up to 2MHz. The wide 4.5V to 55V input range accommodates a variety of step-down applications, including those in an automotive input environment.

Further specifications include external soft-start, a 120 μA quiescent current, and a 12 μA shutdown-mode supply current, which allows for use in battery-powered applications. It also achieves high-power –conversion efficiency over a wide load range by scaling down the switching frequency under light-load conditions to reduce the switching and gate driving losses. By switching at 2 MHz, the MP4561 prevent EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) noise problems, such as those found in AM radio and ADSL applications.

“The 55-V-normal and 60-V-absolute–maximum ratings on the input gives headroom for voltage transients, and the low-side, 4.5-V, start-up voltage guarantees operation at extremely cold temperatures. A compact 3-×3-mm QFN package in combination with a 10-μH inductor delivers a small total-solution size. This product is also available as an AEC-Q100 grade 1 specified and tested product,” says Alexander Friebe, Marketing Manager at Monolithic Power Systems (MPS).

The device is available in a small 10-pin 3×3mm QFN package with exposed pad. The MP4561 and MPQ4561-AEC-Q100 is available in volume from MPS and its distributors.

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