Components Bureau to stock Kingbright's full-Colour SMD KPHF LEDs

August 08, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Components Bureau now stocks the KPHF series of low power surface mount RGB LEDs from Kingbright. The devices feature a water-clear lens and combine separate Hyper Red, Blue and Green light sources to produce any colour in the visible spectrum, including white light.

With a 1.6x0.8mm footprint and thickness of 0.5mm, these LEDs are suitable for a wide range of backlighting and indicator applications, including automotive, home appliance and office automation. With a wide viewing angle of 140 degrees and high brightness levels, the devices offer easy readability in a variety of ambient lighting conditions.

The KPHF series is available in two power levels for operation at either a forward current of 2 or 20mA – the low power version is designated with an ‘L’ in the part number. All devices in the series are suitable for use in temperatures between -40 and +85°C and are RoHS compliant. Compatible with automated placement equipment, the devices come in reel sizes of 4,000 pieces and feature a moisture sensitivity level of 3.

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