Continental acquires British engineering partner Zytek

April 03, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
The British automotive industry is recovering - perhaps slowly, but steadily. Now tier one Continental has acquired 100 percent of its joint venture Zytek Automotive. With the move, Continental wants to expand its presence in the British market.

Zytek Automotive, based in Fradley near Birmingham, possesses significant expertise in all segments of automotive technology; its customer base includes carmakers in Europe, USA and Japan. Until recently Continental held a share of 50%. Effective February 03, the Hannover-based tier one has acquired all Zytek shares; the company will become a wholly-owned part of Continental Engineering Services (CES). It will cover the entire CES services portfolio, which includes chassis, interior and powertrain. "The acquisition is our answer to the rising demand for automotive-related services in the United Kingdom", said CES general manager Bernd Neitzel. "No matter if OEM or tier one - the demand for customer-specific, bespoke solutions, components for small series or niche vehicles in segments such as electronic brakes, chassis and powertrain is rising rapidly".

Neitzel added that the high quality consciousness of the engineering company perfectly suits to Continental's profile. With some 150 workers, Zytek has more than 30 years of experience, in particular in automotive electronics and electromobility as well as in conventional, hybrid and electric powertrain. Zytek's services range from consulting and concept studies to implementing prototypes and small series and cover the entire product life cycle.

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