Continental launches new R&D facility for driver assistance systems

February 06, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Increasingly, driver assistance systems are changing from dedicated single computers to networks of computers with entangled functionality. In order to master the exploding complexity of these systems, automotive supplier Continental has launched a new R&D facility with more than 120 employees.

The new site, operative since January 7, is located in the Ulm Science Park II. There, the Continental facilities include laboratories, garages, workshops, and R&D offices. The employees, most of them engineers, are working on all aspects of driver assistance systems including hardware, software, mechanics, algorithm development, system test and project management for radar, infrared and camera-based imaging technologies, with the latter one being the main focus.

The main reason to chose Ulm for the new R&D facility was its close vicinity to automotive OEMs such as Daimler and Porsche (both Stuttgart), BMW (Munich) and Audi (Ingolstadt) as well as to relevant research institutions such as the Ulm University.

The new R&D center is integrated into Continental's global network of R&D facilities for driver assistance systems. Besides several other R&D locations in Germany, Continental maintains R&D activities in the U.S., Japan, Romania and the UK. Just a couple of weeks ago, Continental had announced the acquisition of ASL Vision, a British firm dedicated to 360-degrees "surround view" environment detection.